Business Hours
Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.


The History of Stetson Auto

We are family owned and operated.  Tom Connell, founded the business in 1958, originally located in Downtown Houston off of Main Street,  than moving to our present location in 1968,  Tom Connell and his wife worked side by side for over 45 years, committed to quality and excellent service,  amazing customers and employees,  over the years we have seen families continue to be our customer and friends,  times have changed,  but one thing has remained the same,  Tom's legacy continues to live at Stetson Auto Shops,  we continue to provide the same quality work and outstanding service,   we enjoy serving Houston and the surrounding areas,  please stop in a visit,  we would love to have you as a customer and friend.

We would like to thank our amazing employees and their families who have worked at Stetson Auto Shops,   these men are the reason we have been in Houston for over 60 years,   Willie I. Smith,  Louis Thomas Sr.,  Al Richards,  Vic Danielli,  Ray Floyd, Thai Nguyen,  Antonio Rodriguez,  Tom and Ronnie Connell,     without these dedicated employees,  we would not be where we are today,    so many times we get so busy and forget about our past,   these individuals worked hard,  shared their family and life with us each and every day,   as we move forward,  we will never forget the men and women who helped us grow and get to where we are today.   I know it sounds cliché and you heard this before,   but when you spend your hard earned money in a small business like ours,   you truly are helping a family and a community.   All our employees are grateful for your business and without you the value customer,   we are not in existence.   My Family and kids, thank you for your continued support.


Jack Connell